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Wow. Plus do people know when the Irish who are usually white as fuck came over to America they were called Negros, worked along side in fields as slaves, and were barred from doing anything the white man did. How come that's never and issue? Oh yeah because they're white so who gives a fuck?

True, they never really covered that in history class but the Irish get royally fucked over time and time again by the English. The English thought the Irish were a bunch of barbarians so they decided to civilize/colonize them (hmmm does this sound familiar??) 

During the Irish Potato Famine (or Great Famine) while the Irish people slowly starved to death, the English continued to tax them and if you couldn’t pay… Well, tough shit. Off to Australia (which was a colony the British were developing to replace the US) with you! The British would even go so far as to sentence petty Irish criminals with seven years of prison time because Irish labor was cheaper than black slaves at this time.

Also, if you will notice on any current world map you will see that ‘Northern Ireland’ is still a part of Britain. At least African countries eventually got their land back.

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